Dr. Katrin Müller-Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Applied Criminology

Dipl. Psych., Free University of Berlin, Germany, 1999
MSt Legal Research, Oxford University, UK, 2000
Ph.D. Human Development, Cornell University, USA, 2005

Dr. Mueller-Johnson's research concentrates on victimisation, investigative interviewing and police and legal decision-making.

Within the area of victimisation her main focus is on sexual offences, such as in child sexual abuse or rape. Her research into investigative interviewing is connected to this interest in sexual victimisation as in sexual offences there is often little evidence apart from the victim statement and thus the victim's testimony is of crucial importance. Dr Mueller-Johnson studies police interviewing of vulnerable witnesses, such as the investigative interviewing of children, older adults, or persons with disabilities. One major area of this research is on ways to improve the quality of police interviews. Within that she currently studies the effects of matching the time of day of the interview to the interviewee's chronotype. She also investigates the effects of cognitive aging on eyewitness testimony and how to enhance older witnesses' performance using knowledge from applied cognitive gerontology. Her research on decision-making in the criminal justice context spans police as well as jury and judges' decision-making. Information on an AHRC grant investigating jurors' interpretations of standards of proof can be found on the project archive website.

Her work has been funded by the AHRC, British Academy, Newton Trust, Optimus Foundation and Department of Justice for Northern Ireland. She has collaborated with UK and international police forces. Dr. Mueller-Johnson is part of the Violence Research Centre.

She teaches research methods, legal and criminological psychology, victimology as well as criminological theory.

Selected Publications:


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Eyewitness Psychology and Investigative Interviewing

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Decision-Making within the Criminal Justice Context

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