Dr. Katrin Müller-Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Applied Criminology

Dipl. Psych., Free University of Berlin, Germany, 1999
MSt Legal Research, Oxford University, UK, 2000
Ph.D. Human Development, Cornell University, UK, 2005


Dr. Müller-Johnson’s research interest is the interface between psychology and law, focusing on eyewitness psychology, investigative interviewing and on legal decision-making.

One major area of her research is on the effects of cognitive aging on eyewitness testimony and on ways to improve the quality of investigative interviews with older adults. She also studies the victimisation of older adults, the prevention of elder mistreatment and victims’ experiences with the legal system.

The other focus of her research is decision-making in the criminal justice context, such as jurors’ interpretations of standards of proof, or sentencing decisions. From 2007 to 2009 she was Principal Investigator on an AHRC grant investigating jurors’ interpretations of standards of proof.

Other recent work includes a study on the prosecution of child sexual abuse. Dr. Müller-Johnson is also interested in family-law oriented connections between psychology and law and has investigated post-divorce child contact arrangements in the UK, the USA and in Germany.

Selected Publications:

Eyewitness Psychology

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  • Müller-Johnson, K. & Ceci, S.J. (2007). The elderly eyewitness: A review and prospectus. In Toglia, M.P., Read, D.J., Ross, D.F., Lindsay, R.C.L., (Eds.). The Handbook of Eyewitness Psychology: Volume 1. Memory for Events, 577-603, Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
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Decision-Making within the Criminal Justice Context

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