Sir Robert Peel Medal

Sir Robert Peel Medal

Since 2012, the Cambridge Police Executive Programme has awarded the Sir Robert Peel Medal for outstanding leadership for evidence-based policing, named after the founder of Metropolitan Police Service at Scotland Yard. This silver medal contains an image of Sir Robert Peel on the front, with the name and year of the medal winner on the back. The winners are selected by the academics and practitioners teaching in the Programme. The winners are as follows:

Anthony V. Bouza (2012), Chief, Minneapolis Police Department USA (1980-89)

Chris Sims (2013), Chief Constable, West Midlands Police UK (2009-2016)

Edward A. Flynn (2014) Chief, Milwaukee Police Department USA (2008-present)

Sara Thornton (2015) Chair, National Police Chiefs’ Council, England and Wales (2015-present); Chief Constable, Thames Valley Police UK (2007-2015)

Dan Eliasson (2016) National Police Commissioner, Sweden, (2014-present), State Secretary, Swedish Ministry of Justice (2001-2006)