Public Engagement Award

Drs Amy Ludlow and Ruth Armstrong have received an award from the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge in recognition of their excellent work in public engagement. Using criminological, educational and sociological research they have designed and delivered an innovative educational initiative called Learning Together whereby students from universities and prisons study together and form learning communities within the prison environment.

They have worked collaboratively with their students to design an innovative methodological approach to understanding the contours and impacts of Learning Together. Through writing blogs, tweeting, hosting events, and producing a film, they have broadly communicated the early findings of their pilot study and encouraged and supported many other universities and prisons to form Learning Together partnerships. They are grateful to all of their students, course mentors, facilitators, and many colleagues from the Institute of Criminology and the Faculty of Law who have participated in Learning Together, and the support of the Centre for Community Gender and Social Justice in the Institute of Criminology.