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Borrowing is available to current students and staff of the University of Cambridge, including Visiting Scholars and Visiting Students.

Undergraduate students may borrow up to ten items for one week. During vacations, undergraduates may borrow up to ten items until the first day of the following term.

M.Phil and Ph.D students may borrow up to 20 items for eight weeks.

M.St and other distance learning Masters students of the University may borrow up to 25 items for eight weeks.

Visiting Fellows and Scholars may borrow up to 20 items for eight weeks or until the end of their visit, whichever is sooner. Borrowing arrangements for Visiting Students correspond with arrangements for the equivalent level of regular student (e.g. undergraduate, M.Phil/Ph.D, etc.).

Members of Cambridge University staff may borrow up to forty items until the end of the academic year (the last day of full Easter term).


The fine for each overdue book from the open access collections is 25p per day. The fine for each overdue recalled item is 50p per day. The fine for each overdue book from the reserve collection is £1.00p per hour.

Reading Lists and the Reserve Collection
M.Phil Seminar Reading is kept behind the issue desk. Books in this collection may be borrowed for three hours at a time and overnight after 4.00 pm during term and after 2.00 pm during vacations. Reserve books may be borrowed over the weekend from 2.00pm on Fridays. Each reader may borrow up to three books at a time from the reserve collection.
Reserve stock issued overnight must be returned by 10.30am the following working day. The fine for each overdue item from the reserve collection is £1.00 per hour.
Some undergraduate reading list material is similarly organised.
The catalogue entry for a book will tell you if it’s part of the reserve collection.

Interlibrary Loans
If you need an article or book that isn’t available within the University, you can order it through the University Library's interlibrary loan department. Details of how to order and prices are here.

Contact us at Radzinowicz Library, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA, United Kingdom
T: + 44(0)1223 335386 F: + 44(0)1223 335356 E:
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