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The Police Executive Programme's Master of Studies (M.St) in Applied Criminology and Police Management is designed to provide training for senior police officers in the study of crime and harm-reduction issues, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based policy and practice.

The Master's course typically consists of three separate two week blocks of lectures and supervision in Cambridge in each of the two years of the course (for a total of twelve weeks' contact time). In addition, students complete written work between each of the Cambridge teaching blocks. Students who successfully undertake only one year of study, rather than proceeding to the Master's year, will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Criminology and Police Management.

The programme is underpinned by several key concepts, including Targeting resources, Testing practices, and Tracking delivery of services. The programme helps students learn through continuing professional development, collaborative study, small group discussions, critical thinking and reflective practice. Participants on the M.St. programme are encouraged to reflect on, review and analyze past, current and future practice, as part of what Professor Sherman recently described as the future of policing research.

The Police Executive Programme is distinct from the M.St. in Applied Criminology, Penology and Management course, which is designed for probation, prison and judicial practitioners. However, there are many occasions where the participants in the two courses meet, providing opportunities for interaction between professionals working in different parts of the criminal justice system. Students on both courses benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in our modern building, they also have access to the Radzinowicz Library of Criminology which houses one of the world's leading research collections on crime and criminology, and the opportunity to study in one of the world's foremost universities, surrounded by nearly eight hundred years of history.

If you are interested in our Police Executive Programme, please browse the web pages for further information. The aims of the courses, eligibility requirements and other useful information can be found on our Course Overview section. The Course Structure page provides an outline of the course and their content. Information about staff, dates and fees can be found on the Course Details page. The Enquiries & Applications page has advice on the application process, on funding and how to obtain further information.

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