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Below are listed the names and research topics of current and some recent Ph.D. students. If you wish to contact a student this can be done via the Graduate Administrator.

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Current Ph.D. Students & Research Topics

Student Topic
Akoensi, Thomas Correlates of prison officer job stress and its effects on job satisfaction and organizational commitment: the case of the Ghana Prisons Service
Barton-Crosby, Jenni Situational action theory and the violent offender: an exploration of morality as the underlying mechanism in the explanation of violent crime
Clay, Nicola An exploratory study into the experiences and perceptions of young offenders in segregation units
Cooke, Barbara A quasi-experimental evaluation of dog-training programmes in American prisons
Dominey, Jane Who works with offenders? Exploring the skills, knowledge, values and understanding of the frontline staff who work with offenders in the community
Droppelmann, Catalina Desistance from crime among Chilean juvenile offenders
Eshel, Abigail The return of societies to 'normal crime' following periods of war or conflict
Gerges, Samy Islamic political parties and transitional justice in the Arab Revolution: a case study of the treatment and compensation of victims in post-conflict societies in Egypt and Tunisia
Hardie, Beth Why don't all young people commit crime? A study of parental monitoring, activity fields and crime
Hendy, Ross To understand how routinely unarmed police resolve person-to-person conflict in their day-to-day work
Horgan, Jane Morality, religion and crime
Hutton, Marie A Case for Change?: A Critical Analysis of the Visiting System in Prisons in England and Wales
Ievins, Alice The experience of imprisoned sex offenders: a three-site comparative analysis
Jerath, Kritika Police Use of Force in England and Wales: A Situational-Action Analysis
Jethwa, Yeshwant Strategies to strengthen investigation and prosecution of violent property crimes (Dacoity)
Kant, Deborah Under threat? A social and occupational history of prison officers
Larocque, Rachelle Is Canada Exceptional?
Leeney, David Breach of the PEACE: a development of the police PEACE interview model to facilitate recall in context for front-line investigations of crime
Maitra, Dev An inductive analysis of the effects English Prison gangs have on prisoner rehabilitation
Mitchell, Renee The Deterrent Effects of Police Patrol in High-Crime Hot Spots: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Neaverson, Aimee The experience of imprisoned sex offenders: a three-site comparative analysis
Neyroud, Peter Changing the criminal justice portfolio: an experiment to test the cost benefits of applying a Crime Harm Index and evidence-based decision-making protocol to police disposal decisions
Packham, Daniel An exploratory analysis of veterans' experiences in UK prisons
Parsons, Jo Managerial influences on police decision-making and consequences for police legitimacy
Pfeil, Katrin Effectiveness of an interviewing technique called the Self-Administered Interview for Older Witnesses
Reinke, Pascale Special measures for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and their impact on witnesses’ suggestibility across the lifespan
Sanchez, Olga Prevalence of neuropsychological dysfunction among different typologies of sex offenders
Schmidt, Bethany Democratizing Democracy: Re-imagining Prisoners as Citizens through Participatory Governance
Schmidt, William Wrongful convictions
Szifris, Kirstine Exploring and Evaluating the provision of a forum for philosophical discussion in prisons
Tartarini, Fabio Service users' engagement with resettlement opportunities within a private prison: a psychosocial investigation
Theodorakis, Nikolaos Efficiency of crime prevention policies for incidents of corporate crime throughout Europe and the US: is contemporary law and policy the sword needed to solve the Gordion knot?
Trajtenberg, Nicolas The idea of causality and explanation in criminological theory
Trivedi, Neema The role of moral emotions in young adults' violence
Valdebenito, Sara Developmental Crime Prevention: An experimental evaluation of a school-based prevention programme in Chile
Vibla, Natalia Disagreement in judicial decision-making
Wain, Neil 'Where are the police?' A systematic study of police patrol in the UK
Warr, Jason The Prison Based Forensic Psychologist: In Person and Practice
Weinborn, Cristobal Measuring the effectiveness of a situational crime prevention strategy in Chile: a quasi-experimental approach
Widdicombe, Benjamin The ‘public interest’ in criminal prosecutions
Wigzell, Alexandra An ethnography of the young person: worker–supervisor relationship and the role of such relationships in desistance
Wilson, Margaret Do offenders discover the harms of their offences? A randomised control trial evaluating the Sycamore Tree (victim-awareness) Programme
Woods, Jordan Policing homophobic and transphobic crime in the United Kingdom

Recently Completed Ph.D. Theses

Student Topic
Caroline Akers Nineteenth-century crime rates
Ruth Armstrong Searching for Mercy Street: Examining the re-entry of ex-prisoners released from a faith based prison unit
Tiffany Bergin Criminological policy diffusion and the spread of correctional boot camps in the United States
Sytske Besemer Mechanisms explaining intergenerational transmission of aggression
Alexandra Cox Legitimation of power during adolescence
Sophie Eastwood Lifestyle geography and juvenile crime: a case study of Peterborough, UK
Elizabeth Gurian Serial and single-incident acts of murder: an exploration of women's solo and partnered offending
Bryanna Hahn Fox Using offender-offence typologies to predict burglary offenders
Stuart Lee The relationship between conventional crime rates and political violence in Northern Ireland
Amy Nivette Cross-national predictors of homicide
Tuba Topcuoglu Child problem behaviour amongst immigrant groups: test of three developmental theories in Z-Proso