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The course Director for the M.St. in Applied Criminology, Penology and Management is Dr. Ben Crewe.

Dr. Crewe plays an active role in the M.St. programme, including teaching on the courses. He is joined by the rest of the M.St. team:

The course administrators are Mrs. Lucinda Bowditch.

In addition to the M.St. team, other members of the institute contribute heavily to the M.St. programmes, including:

Specialist lectures are delivered by other members of the Institute and by external speakers, and students can be supervised for their dissertation by an expert from the institute in their chosen field.

Dates, Fees and Accommodation

Students wishing to complete one of the programmes to Master's level are required to complete both years. In exceptional circumstances permission may be given by the Degree Committee of the Faculty of Law for students to intermit between years 1 & 2, but this is rare and is not encouraged. Students who complete the first year but choose not to continue to the second year will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Criminology.

Course fees and dates for 2013 are as follows:

Course Fee for Year Residential Dates
Year One 2013 £7,500 Block A: 8th - 19th April
Block B: 1st - 12th July
Block C: 9th - 20th September
Year Two 2013 £7,500 Block D: 2nd - 12th April
Block E: 8th - 19th July
Block F: 2nd - 13th September

The fees include accommodation, breakfast and one formal dinner per week whilst resident in Cambridge, in addition to the tuition fees and course materials. Students may require some additional funding to pay for lunches and evening meals and any additional text books that they wish to purchase.

Accommodation is provided in individual rooms in one of the Cambridge colleges.

Future Penology Block Dates

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