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4 Aug 2014

Mark Littler

I'm about to finish a Ph.D. at the University of Manchester's Institute for Social Change, where I've been writing a quantitative thesis employing rational choice theory to model the drivers of support for Islamic political violence. I'm due to submit next moth, and will then (all being well) be taking up a post-doctoral research post at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University where I'll be working on a project investigating the impact of faith schooling on social mobility, long-term happiness and involvement in delinquency and criminality.

Outside of my Ph.D., I'm also working with the think-tank Demos, as a Research Associate on their violence and extremism programme, Teesside University, as a Researcher Associate leading the quantitative elements of their ongoing work exploring anti-Muslim hate-crime, and Sheffield Hallam, where I'm an Associate Lecturer supervising undergraduate criminology dissertations on terrorism, hate-crime, and criminal justice policy.

Since leaving Cambridge I've also held part-time teaching posts at Plymouth (in Criminological Theory) and Manchester (in Religious and Ethnic Change) Universities, and have spent time as a Pre-Doctoral SCHMi Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government working on a project using social media data to map the UK support for terrorist organizations.

In terms of published outputs, there are a few bits and pieces on hate-crime and right-wing extremism that may or may not be of interest (details attached), though it isn't 'criminology' as such. You may be more interested to hear that I secured funding from the Bill Hill Trust to extend the work that I produced for my M.St. dissertation, and - thanks to Manchester's excellent press office - I've managed to secure pretty good press coverage for my findings (BBC, Telegraph, The Spectator etc.). The article will be off for peer-review soon, so I'm not in a position to share copies at the moment. But if you want me to point you in the direction of any of the press coverage, I'd be happy to oblige.

4 Aug 2014

Malcolm Kane JP MSt. BSc. MIFST

I have been quite busy since graduating! I don't know of any of my professional 'competitor consultants' who have studied criminology, let alone specifically food crime. I find no end of comments from food scientists proclaiming we all now have to learn 'how to think like a criminal'! In my case I am working on developing new systems for traceability (the key flaw in the horsemeat scandal) which will stretch the ability of potential food fraudsters to perpetrate food adulteration (ie horse for beef), but I won't go into the details here. It is taking me into data digitising and Cloud storage, plus data mining using Bayesian statistics for analysing what are called disjoint data sets, while my colleague is also working on data compression and new chip design. (Everything in italics could also be key words of interest.) All of this stuff is really very new (and very heavy!) and could well be of wide academic interest and even further thesis work. Take care