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Welcome to this Alumni page which we hope will be of particular interest to anyone who has completed the Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Certificate/MSt in Applied Criminology and Police Management or Police Studies.

We would like to use this page to help you maintain your links with us as well as update you on what is going or what may be relevant.

We will post any items you are happy to provide for public circulation job changes/publications/Alumni Events.

We hope as many of you as possible will come to the International Conference on Evidence Based Policing and or the Alumni Dinner. The 2016 Alumni Dinner will be at Clare College on Wednesday 13 July. Registration details will appear in due course.

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Australian National University

We are delighted to report that Professor Sherman & Professor Heather Strang have been appointed to the post of Honorary Professor of the Australian National University School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), College of Asia & Pacific. See Here

Debbie Platz

We are delighted to announce that Acting Assistant Commissioner Debbie Platz, MSt (Cantab) has accepted a position as Assistant Commissioner, National Manager Crime Operations with the Australian Federal Police.

Debbie was in Cambridge 2014-15, graduating in 2016 and has a long and distinguished career in the Queensland Police Service and I know you will join me in congratulating and wishing her well with her future career.

Interesting News

Shocking example of unintended consequences: Mandatory domestic violence arrests raise death rate 400%, study finds. Read the whole article at National Post

Ten One Article

"London Liaison Officer Superintendent Gary Smith attended Cambridge University's Evidence-Based Policing Conference to catch up on the latest developments – and also caught up with three officers studying at the university." Page 19

Download the excerpt here Ten One August 2014

Annual Update

Police Theses have been marked and presented to the Board of Examiners. Congratulations to the following who have been awarded distinctions: Nicole Cornelius (Hampshire Police), John Denley (West Midlands Police), Mike Hulett (SOCA), Brandon Langley (West Midlands Police) &Jo Rowland (Hampshire Police).
The Board are also pleased to announce that Mike Hulett will be awarded the Sir Richard Mayne Award for outstanding academic achievement on the M.St. in Applied Criminology and Police Management and has been invited to make a short presentation on his research at the 7th International Conference on Evidence Based Policing, 9 July 2014.

Congratulations to all who did so well.

Body Worn Cameras

Alumni Update

There has been much in the news recently about UK police forces experimenting with the use of Body Worn Cameras. The original study was completed by Chief Tony Farrar from Rialto as part of his thesis for the MSt in Applied Criminology and Police Management
Please also see:
Police Foundation

Dana M. Gillis, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Alumni Update

After 27 years of federal government and military service, I retired in 2011 and have since taken a position as Director of Athletic Compliance at Alabama A&M University, USA.
I work with collegiate athletes and coaching staffs to ensure compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association policies and regulations. I'm around sport all-day, everyday. Really enjoying the opportunity to mentor young women and men as they prepare for life in the "real world". I also acquired a Level 5 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership and Management through the Footdown School of Coaching, Bath, UK.

Howard Veigas, Derbyshire Police

Alumni Update

"Since graduation, my thesis was presented the EBP Symposium at GMU ( Washington) with Dr Lum in 2011.

Since then, I have been working on a co-authored article about the translating EBP research into practice, with Dr Lum. In 2013 we published our article. The reference is -

Veigas, H., and Lum, C. (2013).Assessing the evidence-base of a police service patrol portfolio.Policing.7(3), 248-262.

Frankie Taylor, PSNI

Alumni Update

"I have been collaborating with Barak on publishing a systematic review into whether electronic monitoring has an effect on re offending rates. This has been accepted by the Campbell Collaboration Crime and Justice Group.

I am currently studying with London Metropolitan three years into a four year Doctorate programme with the John Grieve Foundation."

Karen Daber, Cambridgeshire Police

Alumni Update

"I've leading on Police Integrity and just launched for public and service wide consultation the first ever code of ethics for policing in England and Wales."

Gilbert Houalla, Thames Valley Police

Alumni Update

I am doing some work on my police area which may be of slight interest. I will try to explain it briefly:

Legislation in the UK requires the relevant Councils (County or Unitary) under the Safeguarding of Children agenda to carry out a 'return interview' with every child that goes missing. He vast majority of them will be high risk. The interview must be carried out by an independent organisation/person and the purpose of this return interview is to ascertain the reasons why that child went missing and if they were subject to any criminality such as sexual exploitation, drug offences and such like. This information will be used in any subsequent risk assessment. The evidence suggests that few authorities are carrying out return interview with every child, however return interviews are being carried out on children who consistently and persistently go missing.

I have managed secure finances to employ two staff members from Barnardo's to carry out return interviews on every child that goes missing in the County of Buckinghamshire but not Oxfordshire or Berkshire (three counties in TVP). The funding is for one year, the evaluation criteria has been agreed based on reducing children going missing and the potential of harm and as a consequence reduce the demand on policing."

Owen Weatherill, Hertfordshire Police

Alumni Update

"I can report something positive already from my research. It has prompted some real interest in what information and data AVL (automated vehicle location) can provide and as a direct consequence we are now gearing up for a trial of extending this to officers personal radios, with a specific focus upon Neighbourhood policing. We are looking to use it to compare how the footprint of officers and PCSO's patrol compares for foot patrol vs those patrolling on cycles, when compared against demand data.

The backdrop to this is that our Chief invested in a fleet of cycles when he arrives around 2 years ago, but we just don't know what we get from this in real terms. Larry will be pleased to hear that I suggested that we use APL (Automated Personal location) to provide an evidence based assessment of the cycle usage, by monitoring officers' personal radio locations.

Its early days and won't start until mid November. It does however provide a very helpful element to my findings and conclusions section for my thesis, as this results directly from the work we have already done around analysing AVL data."

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